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Have you heard the rumors about the new rideshare company that could outshine Uber & Lyft here in the Alamo City?

Matthew J Carter
3 min readMay 19, 2018

leep, a local startup created by founders Michael Khadem, Matthew J Carter, and Emmett Melen recently launched here in the Alamo City.

leep is still in beta mode, but they are making some hefty promises to take on the rideshare behemoth, Uber, by creating a more driver-friendly service. Carter, the company’s Chief Technology Officer claims that leep will keep only a 20% commission from drivers’ trips.

Uber & Lyft take as much as 28 to 35% of drivers earnings in addition to charging riders a premium and not sharing that additional revenue with drivers.

In addition to the higher wages, drivers are not asked to exclusively drive for leep. In other words jump ship completely from Uber and Lyft, “having drivers leave Uber and Lyft,” Carter explained, “is not a part of what we are doing,” he added, “we want our drivers to still be making money, even if its not through leep.”

While driving for leep might seem like a perfect opportunity — not just anyone can sign up to be a driver. Instead, drivers must earn their coveted spot.

Currently, the company has stated that they will only consider hiring Uber and Lyft drivers that have a rating of 4.86 stars or higher.

Also, driver candidates must be willing to undergo a national background check and will need to be English fluent.

Although leep is still in beta testing, the Texas startup is now developing a plan to pay some San Antonio Uber and Lyft drivers $25 per week, simply for keeping the leep driver app on while driving around their normal Uber and Lyft routes.

Homepage to Leep Rideshare Technology

This data will prove invaluable to leep once they start operating at full speed.

While leep is still learning to walk, they have announced that they’re ready to start giving rides to passengers in select areas of the city. If you want to join their beta program as a Rider, you’ll be eligible to receive 25% off all your rides in San Antonio for a limited time.

As one of their founders, Carter states

“We built this company with the idea that listening to the drivers and building a business that puts drivers first isn’t just the right thing to do,” he says, “but it’s also just plain good business.”

By the looks of their beta so far, San Antonio seems to think so too.

Riders App: Play/App Store Link

Drivers App: Play/App Store Link

Website:​ www.rideleep.com

Investor/Press Kit:www.rideleep.com/investors

Email:​ hello@rideleep.com



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